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Robbers will continue shooting your members for supporting Government to stop #FixTheCountry Demo – Ghanaians to Police Service

Ghanaians over looked on Ghana Police Service after many robbery cases were recorded few weeks and the latest one which happened on Monday morning.

According to angry Ghanaians, Armed Robbers will continue shooting police personnel’s for supporting the government to stop FixTheCountry Demo.

its very unfortunate, but others also believe that the “bullion vans” has been used by banks for the longest. Even in 2008 which recorded a similar case where the police officer got killed.

Respording to the issue at hand, many decided to share their views on how bad this country is being managed which making innocent criticizes losing their life.

Hash-tagging their #FixTheCountry sign, they wrote;

A very sad day for Ghana. This were what they used to stop peaceful #FixtheCountry demonstrators but using pick up cars to risky the life of innocent young and energetic guy.

How long would you continue to risk the lives of these young ones???? Do your background check very well to make sure that banks have a proper bullion van before deploying your men to work with them (MR IGP).

RIP BRO We’ll stop escorting your cash if you don’t acquire armoured bullion vans – IGP warns banks Incompetent IGP are you waking up????? This should have been checked long.


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