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Retired ECG engineer dies while trying to fix low current at Jasikan

A 65-year-old retired Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) engineer, Kweku Agyei, has met his untimely death through electrocution at Buem Teteman in the Jasikan District of Oti Region.

A witness said the vicinity experienced low current and Mr Agyei offered to redeem the situation with the assistance of a friend.

Upon scrutiny, Mr Agyei and his friend, Jonah Agbemedu suspected faulty high tension, for which the former climbed the pole with the support of a ladder.

“It was during his climbing stage that all of a sudden he caught fire on top of the pole,” the witness recounted.

According to his friend, while the now deceased was burning, he could not help because he also had a power shock that threw him helplessly into a gutter.

He said: “A few minutes later, some people arrived at the scene and I instructed them to look for a dried wood to kick Kweku Agyei from the pole, he dropped, burnt and dead.”

His family members have been notified of the incident.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited at the Worawora Government Hospital.

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