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Restaurant In Wuhan Resumes Serving Notorious Bat Soup.

News out of China is that the City of Wuhan is gradually getting back in business and as there are no longer any new Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

People who are recovering are quarantined by the government and it appears that Wuhan and the whole Hubei province will be free of COVID-19 in a matter of weeks. The Wuhan wet market reopens and the wild animals’ sales are back, which include the infamous Chinese bats that are delicacy throughout China. And believe in or not Bat soup is back on the menu of the most restaurants in Wuhan.

And it appears that sales and serving of bat soup around China never stopped in other cities during the height of the pandemic in China. Many Chinese citizens have no clue a bat was blamed for the Coronavirus pandemic and according to some even if that was the case they would not stop eating bats or any other wild delicacies that have been enjoyed in China for centuries.

Restaurant In Wuhan Resumes Serving Notorious Bat Soup

At the peak of the pandemic in Wuhan 56 million people in the city and the surrounding province of Hubei were forced to stay at home, and all travel was suspended.

Residents struggled to get treatment for their family members, and medics were overwhelmed with cases before reinforcements were drafted in from across China, and field hospitals built; a situation now being repeated in hard-hit countries like Italy and the United States.

As life slowly returns to normal, there are concerns that cases of the disease could spike, not only as people return from new epicenters of the disease overseas, but because China does not disclose the number of asymptomatic cases of infection.

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