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Reports of me retrieving motorbikes a toxic agenda to destroy me – Bolga East NPP PC sets record straight

District Chief Executive for the Bolgatanga East and Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described reports suggesting that he is on a motorbike retrieval agenda is a toxic agenda by Executives of the Constituency against him.

There were reports that Emmanuel Abole who was NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate in the 2020 elections was chasing some members of the party who he gave motorbikes to for the electioneering campaign to retrieve them.

This move they say has caused irreparable damage to the New Patriotic Party in the Constituency.

But reacting to the report, Emmanuel Abole indicated since he came into office, the Executives of the political party in the constituency have been toxic towards him and the reports is an agenda to slice his reputation.

According to him, during the election, a group of youth belonging to the NPP approached him and asked that he gives them two motorbikes and pickup so they will be using it for monitoring during the day of the election.

Seeing it as a wise move, Abole indicated that he took two motorbikes from some persons he had procured them for for the use of the party youth so that after elections they will be returned.

However, after the elections, the motorbikes were not returned by the group that met him with an excuse that one of their members who died as a result of jubilation crashed with one of the bikes whiles the remaining one was also left with one member who insisted that he needs to keep it.

It, however, emerged that the party member who died did not use the motorbike which was given to them as a group for the election day monitoring and therefore Abole sent his men to the family of the deceased to retrieve the motor.

The other motor which was with another member of the group was retrieved but he cursed the DCE, his boys and threatened to kill them and burn their properties; a move he saw as life-threatening and therefore called in the police to arrest him.

Hon. Abole indicated that the perception that he is retrieving motorbikes is untrue and that the motors were given to some people and were retrieved for election day monitoring by the youth group and they are expected to be returned to the rightful owners.


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