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Renowned Ghanaian-American Plastic Surgeon Has Successfully Removed Gorilla Glue Used By A Louisiana Woman To Hold Her Hair Down

Renowned Beverly Hills-based Ghanaian-American plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, has successfully removed Gorilla Glue used by a Louisiana woman to hold her hair down


Tessica Brown, 40, arrived in the Beverly Hills office of Dr. Obeng on Wednesday to get him to remove the permanent glue.

Brown had applied the Gorilla Glue in her hair because she ran out of original hairspray.

In a viral video online, the young Black lady recounts her ordeal, expressing regrets for applying the Gorilla Glue that is neither meant to be used on the skin nor hair.

Brown’s viral video prompted Dr Obeng who offered to help remove the permanent bonding adhesive.

The procedure normally costs more than $12,000, but Dr Obeng did it for free.

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