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Recovered coronavirus patients might face some troubles as health experts deliver another ‘bad’ news

Recovering from Covid-19 disease is no doubt a piece of encouraging news to the World population and a sigh of relief to the victim for having successfully cheated death in a battle that has somehow conquered the world relatively.


The positive part of the fight against the pandemic is that more than half of those who tested positive have recovered with the Monday’s statistics 7, 695,922 people across the world had beaten the virus.


But even as scientist race against the spread of the pandemic in developing vaccines and drugs that can treat Covid-19, other health experts have also taken a different path of trying to establish the fate of those who have recovered from the disease in as far as body immunity is concerned.

Sadly, a report by Associated Press(AP) has indicated that those who have recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic may lose their body immunity in a few months, a similar case to viruses such as influenza.

The study conducted by King’s College London examined levels of antibodies in more than 90 confirmed virus patients and studied how they changed over time.

The study found that 60 per cent showed the strong response of their body immunity against Covid-19 in the first few weeks after infection but after three months only 16.7 per cent of patients had the same consistency of their body immunity fighting the virus.

This means that several patients lacked antibodies in their bloodstream after the 90 days.

Antibodies form a crucial part in fighting diseases in the human body.

For instance, when the virus gets into the humans, the body mobilises the production of antibodies that are designed to target the specific virus which is in the form of an antigen.

The revelation that one loses the ability to produce antibodies as he recovers from Covid-19 makes one vulnerable to disease since if any virus manages to get into one’s body, he or she will not be able to contain it.

Lawrence Young the Professor of Oncology at the University of Warwick said the new findings are a wake-up call for governments and institutions seeking to develop vaccines to keep in mind the need ensure the products reignites the production of antibodies.

“It further emphasizes the need for us to better what a protective immune response looks like if we are to develop an effective vaccine,” Yong told AP.


As of Monday, Ghana Health Service pronounced 24,988 as the total number of the recorded covid-19 cases as of July 13,2020.

Out of the many,21,067 clinical recoveries have been filed where as deaths cases remains 139.

“A total of 470 new cases were reported on July 10,2020. These are samples that were taken from the period 21 June to 9 July 2020… but reported from the lab on July 10,” the GHS said on its website.

Four patients are currently on ventilators with eight in critical condition while 25 others remain in a severe situation.

Regional breakdown:

Greater Accra Region – 13,690

Ashanti Region – 5,259

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Western Region – 2,140

Central Region – 1,110

Eastern Region – 948

Volta Region – 418

Upper East Region – 282

Northern Region – 267

Bono East Region – 205

Western North Region – 200

Oti Region – 128

Bono Region – 107

Ahafo Region – 98

Upper West Region – 70

Savannah Region – 57

North East Region – 9

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