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Rawlings kinsmen from his hometown storms his grave with tears, schnapps and eggs.

A cross section of Rawlings Kinsmen mostly traditional leaders from Jerry John Rawlings Hometown Dzelukope in the Volta Region storms his grave with tears, schnapps and eggs to pray for his bravery and smartness in commemoration of June 4th.


Speaking on why they are travelling all the way from Dzelukope to Accra to pour the libation and drop traditional eggs, Togbui Ajaklu Agbotui who described himself as a cousin to the late President Explained that, if nobody will not remember this day, it’s their responsibility as kinsmen to do that. He added that they will cry and remember their brave son who single handedly Kept Ghana on the path of democracy

June 4th 1979 is the day which the Late Jerry John Rawlings had a successful coup d’etat which later led to his ascension of the greatest seat as President. Today is June 4th, 2021.

Other groups to join the traditional group are the cadres, Revolution protectors and some few NDC members. Togbui Ajaklu also going to for the children of Jerry John Rawlings, his wife and those Who wished him well.

He Explained that, this is the Only way to Traditionally adorn the good works of Jerry John Rawlings on June 4th.

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