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Ras Mubarak drops bombshell about marriage to ‘loudmouthed’ ex-wife Rasheeda Adams; drops bank matter

Former Member of Parliament for Kubungu Ras Mubarak has disclosed that while he was married to Rasheeda Adams, she insisted that he gives her his bank details and pin codes so she can access them in case he dies.

According to him, he was shocked that his wife instead of focusing on how to grow their family was interested in having his bank details so that she access funds from it in case he dies.

He made this known in a post shared on Facebook detailing issues that led to their diveroce which has since made Rasheeda a “bitter woman and a man hater”.

“Which correct woman would ask her husband to release his pin codes and bank details in the event he dies? Only Rasheeda Adams. If she wants to be exposed for the phony manipulator that she is, let her continue on that trajectory,” he detailed in a post shared on Facebook and sighted by

Ras Mubarak disclosed that when Rasheeda gave birth, she invited her mother in to help her in baby sitting and also had a house help who helped with the chores in the house.

He disclosed that apart from paying the house help, he also paid her mother for baby sitting her own grand children.

“Besides, the point about having her mother move in with us in Accra and paying her for babysitting, plus domestic house help, was so I could work a little, spend time with family a little and campaigned a little.”


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