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Ras Mubarak Breaks Silence On His Algerian Wife, Reveals How He Meet Her In A Hotel As He Shades His Ex-Wife [WATCH VIDEO]

Former MP for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak has detailed how he meet his new Algerian wife after divorcing her ex-wifeRasheeda Adams as he gives more information on how he meet her at Egypt and married her.


Ras Mubarak after his making headlines on most online news portals recently after his ex-wife, Rasheeda Adams alleged that he was an abuser when they were married has been interviewed by Kofi Tv.

Ras Mubarak debunked claims made by his ex-wife that she paid the fees of their daughters, adding that everyone can go to their schools and inquire more and by doing so, they will know that he paid all the fees of his daughters.

Ras Mubarak narrated how he wept when his marriage to his ex-wife was hitting the rock and had to consult some top feminists and counselors to intervene but to no avail.

Ras Mubarak stated that although he was on his political duties during such periods, he always cared for his family and once gave Rasheeda a huge sum of money that could afford their stay in his absence for 8 months.

This led to the conversation of Ras Mubarak’s new wives after divorcing Rasheeda Adams in 2016.

According to Ras Mubarak, he has two wives; Mrs. Husseina Mubarak (the daughter of Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, NDC MP for Asawase Constituency) who he married on Sunday, February 4, 2018 and his Algerian wife.

According to Ras Mubarak, he went for a program with MP for Suhum constituency, Hon. Frederick Opare-Ansah at Egypt.

According to Ras, their main objective in Egypt had been accomplished, and they wanted to return to Ghana, but he asked them to stay for a day or two, and they agreed.

According to Ras Mubarak, in the same hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, where he was lodging, his Algerian wife and her family were also staying around because they were also on what looks like a vacation.

Ras Mubarak said he married his Algerian wife in 2018 after divorcing Rasheeda Adams in 2016.

Ras Mubarak said his Algerian wife is a biochemist and her father is one of the most top trade unionist.

Ras Mubarak said the family of his wife contacted the embassy in Ghana and inquired on more information about him and a good remark was said about him.

Ras said he traveled to Algeria several times to get his wife’s hand in marriage and even got her engaged, but he denied having a sexual relationship with her prior to marriage.

Watch the interview below: Skip to 26:00 to watch where Ras Mubarak talked about his Algerian wife:


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