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Racial discrimination is a chronic disease in the American society. China trolls U.S

The Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs said in a recent press briefing that, racial discrimination is a chronic disease in the American society.

Spokesperson for the ministry, Zhao Lijian told reporters that, Racial discrimination against minority groups is a chronic sickness in the American society.

According to him, “ethnic minorities suffer from racial discrimination”. He made reference to the recent happenings in the country to back his point. “The current state of affairs once again reflects the seriousness of the problem of racial discrimination” the spokesperson added.

He condemned police brutalities and also stressed on the need for the rights of black people and other minority groups to be respected.

“We hope the US government can take substantial measures and fulfill its obligations to the international conventions on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination so as to safeguard and guarantee the legitimate rights of minority groups.”.. Zhao Lijian said.

He however expressed solidarity with the black community and declared China’s support in the collective fight against Racial discrimination because” black lives matter”.


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