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Rabid Ghanaians Beat Up Suspected Gay Man in Public, Forcefully Open His Backside and Film with A Camera

The violence against LGBT individuals in Ghana continues unabated.

After a trans man was beaten and dehumanized last week by a mob, a worse incident has occurred with another gay man being beaten.

A video out there purportedly shows an angry mob of Ghanaians accosting a suspected gay man.

They reportedly beat him and up and wickedly, try to open his a**hole and stick a camera in there to film it.

It’s a barbaric act which unsurprisingly is being praised by some Ghanaians on social media.

Ghanaian journalist Bridget Otoo spoke against their actions in a post on Twitter.

“You strip someone you considered gay in public, opened his anus and put a camera there to film it for the public to see. Whatever your beliefs are, that is wrong on every level!!! You humiliate him, torture, film him for the world to see. So that he can go and kill himself?” she wrote.

Juliet Ibrahim also replied calling for people like that to be arrested.

Unsurprisingly, Ghanaians are quiet happy about the violence with people cheering it on social media.

This country has a long way to go.


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