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“Put your mask on or I walk out” – Nana Akomea tells TV host on live TV.

Ghanaians are still mourning the death of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, popularly called Sir John. Many thronged his hometown to mourn with the family. However, many have argued that safety protocols were ignored at the funeral grounds. Many videos indeed have been circulating on social media that indeed depicts that.

It was an exciting discussion on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ as Murtala Mohammed, MP for Tamale Central and Nana Akomea, the Director at the State Transport Corporation joined Annie Ampofo to discuss trending issues. Of the issues raised by Murtala Mohammed was the brotherly nature that exists between the NPP and NDC and this was exemplified by the NDC entourage at the funeral of Sir John. He added that the only thing worrying was the disregard for Covid-19 protocols.

As the discussion went on Nana Akomea signaled to the host to put on her mask. The host put it on but moments later had it off again, something Nana complained about. He cautioned that if the host failed to wear the mask he will discontinue the discussion

“There is a system here that allows me not to wear mask” the host tried to explain but Nana Akomea wasn’t interested. At a point Annie the host got a signal to take off her mask but Nana didn’t want to hear that by distracting the show and querying why the host was made to take of her mask. “Put on your mask or I won’t continue the discussion” Mr. Akomea said.

Murtala Mohammed was however amused at the situation. He mentioned that Nana even did not come to the studio with a nose mask and had to be provided by the host. He went on to add that Nana failed to talk about the disregard for the neglect of safety protocols at Sir John’s funeral and yet Nana was playing holy by groaning about a TV host’s inability to put on her mask, even when the 2 panelists were in mask.

Annie Ampofo eventually put on her mask and the discussions continued.


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