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PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATION: Some Minor problems after childbirth

This may be due to starvations day dehydration during Labour.

Or pain in the perineum ( which makes the woman uncomfortable to ease herself)

1. Take in lots of fluids and roughage diets

2. Eat balanced diets and fruits

3. Respond to the urge to defecate promptly

4. Take your prescribed medications.

◾Urine Retention

This maybe due to fear of pains from cracks, tears and episiotomy wound sustained during delivery.

Or Diminished bladder tone

Or lack of privacy

1. Ensure privacy

2. Use nursing interventions such as dipping your hands in warm water

3. Pour warm water over your perineum

4. Turn on the tap and watch as the water flows

5. Take prescribed medications

To be continued
A healthy mother is a healthy baby

No Maternal Mortality

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