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Prostitutes In Koforidua Offer Free S3x For Gays In Ghana To Change

Prostitutes in Eastern Regional Capital, Koforidua have declared free s3x for gay men as part of their corporate social responsibility to help support the fight against the LGBTQI menace in the country.

According to them, they are ready to offer gays hot s3xual intercourse for two months to change their s3xual orientations to love vagina s3x instead of anal s3x with men.

“We have decided to provide all these gay men with free hot s3x for two months to change their perception about vagina s3x. Gayism and lesbianism, not a good thing. We are also encouraging Ghanaian men to identify the Lesbians to give them hot s3x and multiple orgasms. They will love penis afterward” Akua, a commercial s3x worker told

The opening of the Lesbians Gay Bis3xual Transgender Queer Inters3xual (LGBTQI) office in Ghana weeks ago has created public uproar forcing the government to close down the office.

The commercial s3x workers agree to the closure but say many men of late prefer anal s3x to the vagina which she says is worrying.

Akua who operates in Bula Spot, a popular brothel in Koforidua said, and some men who seek s3xual satisfaction with them sometimes request anal s3x but they decline due to negative health implications. She hastened to add however that, only a handful of commercial s3x workers consent to that but it comes with extra charge.

Meanwhile, commercial s3x workers have bemoaned that the coronavirus pandemic has also affected their business.

They say the closure of drinking spots and pubs as well as restrictions on entertainment activities have affected the business as many clients do not come to town to have fun and seek their services.



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