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Pressure to evacuate Ghanaian students from China gave me sleepless nights – Akufo-Addo

President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admitted that calls on him to evacuate Ghanaian students from China during the early days of COVID-19 gave him sleepless nights.

According to him, he could not rest because he had to take a tough decision on ensuring that his citizens were safe and free from the claws of the deadly virus.

To him, he believed that in times of pandemics, it was best to make people stay put to where they are rather than moving them because that could be detrimental.

However, opposing views also put the issue into perspective on whether if the students were his nephews and nieces he would have allowed that they stay in China and be prone to the virus.

“I had sleepless nights on the matter because I said to myself…I was persuaded by the argument that said when these kinds of pandemics breakout it’s better to confine people to where the things happen rather than to export them and move them around because in doing so they come with it. And I said to myself so what will be your view if one of these people there is your nephew or niece or your son or daughter how will you feel? But then the argument was made to me and I said let’s pray to God that if they stay where they are it will turn out to be a good one and it really turned out to be a good one,” he said in an interview monitored by

To him, the fight against COVID-19 was won by the intelligent minds that was brought to the table who worked together to help provide the best solutions.


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