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Pressure piles on Parliament to shut down after 2 MPs and 13 staff tested positive for COVID-19

Source: ABC News

Pressure is mounting on Parliament to shut down after two MPs and 13 staff tested positive for the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to sources close to the legislature, closing down the House and allowing all MPs and staff to self-isolate will prove crucial in curbing the spread of the disease.

The House has since Tuesday, May 26, 2020 been sitting on tenterhooks followīng the disturbing news that some MPs have contracted the virus.

An earlier statement from Parliament’s Public Affairs Directorate categorically denied the said claims that some MPs have tested positive and added that the results of those tests have not been made public.

“Parliament would like to state categorically that the results of the tests are not yet known and so the report by Starrfmonline is not true. Parliament would, therefore, like to urge Starrfmonline to withdraw the said report and update its audience with the relevant information to the effect that the results from the tests are unknown to Parliament.”

However, Minority Chief Whip Alhaji Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka in an interview on Accra-based Joy News, disclosed that two Parliamentarians and 13 staff were informed of their status after Speaker of Parliament directed mass testing of all members and staff of the House last week.

He also explained that the infected MPs and staff have been isolated while contact tracing has commenced.

This has led to fear and apprehension among MPs with some calling for the House to be closed down for the 14-day gestation person of the virus.

Some of them confided in ABC News that, the House deserved a break since it wasn’t occupied with any serious business at the moment.

“If it’s getting worse, we have to visit that proposal(shutdown). We’re not doing any urgent business, we only come and read statements and go back. There isn’t urgent business before us, I don’t know whether maybe the government will bring something urgent today, but it won’t hurt for the house to shut down for at least two weeks, Adaklu MP, Kwame Abodza told ABC News.


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