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President Cyril Ramaphosa Indicates SA Will Send Troops To Iran To Back America

There have been heightened tensions between Iran and the United States of America after it got escalated with a ‘revenge attack’ on two US military bases in Iraq by Iran.

Per reports, over 12 missiles were launched at the US bases, prompting fears over what the US’ response to the situation would be.

However, a social media post from US President Donald Trump has increased fear, especially within South Africans as it claimed that SA was on board to join the fight. The post reads;

“Just spoke to Cyril, South Africans will be conscripted if we need them. Let’s stop Iran!”

The people of South Africa have expressed worry and have shown a general unwillingness to get involved in someone else’s war, prompting dismay at the thought of President Cyril Ramaphosa approving Trump’s alleged request.

However, the Presidency upon seeing the social media post, through Ramaphosa’s Head of Digital Communications Athi Geleba commented that;

“Presidential Harassment! Fake News!”

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