Pope Skinny alleges that Shatta Wale is HIV positive – WATCH VIDEO


As reported earlier, Pope Skinny has jabbed his former bestie Shatta Wale for taking back the car he bought for Joint 77 while signed under his record label.

As if that is not enough, the “Asuoden’ rapper has gone ahead to drop more dirty secrets about Shatta Wale on his Snapchat handle.

One of the alleged secrets is that Shatta Wale is HIV positive. So if he’s lying, then he should show his test results for the whole world to see.

Pope Skinny said his latest rants are because Shatta keeps mentioning his name everywhere he goes and that whenever he calls his name, he’ll also come out to talk.

Watch the video below:

My opinion

I understand Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale were best friends before their friendship turned sour and they’ve all insulted themselves in time past.

But there are certain things that must not be revealed no matter what.

More so, one’s HIV status comes with the principle of confidentiality due to stigmatization. So even as a friend, if you know your fellow friend has the virus, you can’t go about spreading it. Because this can affect Shatta Wale business-wise since people might stop dealing with him for fear that he has the virus.

In reality, Pope Skinny could even be simply making a mere allegation. This is not good at all. Pope must refrain from doing this.

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