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Politicians, government officials behind fake news on social media – Afrobarometer Report

Politicians and government officials are considered to be behind false information on social media by majority of Ghanaians, according to the latest Afrobarometer report.

The Afrobarometer report indicated that 78% of Ghanaians say politicians are the source of false news whiles 69% think government officials are to be blamed for the spread of false information.

Journalists and news media are considered by about 68% of the population to be a source of false information in the public sphere.

These were captured in the latest Afrobarometer survey which sought to find out from respondents their views on false information and the use of fast-growing social media.

Findings from the survey suggest, “Whether by social media or other channels, a wide range of people are culpable when it comes to disseminating false news or misinformation, according to survey respondents. Ghanaians are most likely to blame politicians and political parties (78%) for spreading fake news, followed by government officials and journalists (69% each). “Social media users” in general rank fourth (63%), just ahead of activists and interest groups (57%)”

As compared to other forms of media, majority of Ghanaians trusted news and information from traditional media, that is, radio and TV, more than social media platforms.

The report noted, “While its use is growing fast, social media is less trusted than traditional news sources. Only four in 10 Ghanaians (39%) say they trust information from social media “somewhat” or “a lot,” whereas more than half say they trust private and public media (55% each) and government sources (54%)”.



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