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Police dog caught mauling handcuffed black man as three officers struggle to free him (WATCH VIDEO)


Disturbing footage has emerged of a police dog clamping down on a handcuffed black man’s arm and refusing to let go.

Despite the suspect being subdued, the creature continues to lock its teeth on his arm.

He can be heard screaming “uncomfortable” as an officer tries to unlatch the police dog’s jaw. Two other officers hold down the man’s legs.

He was left with an open wound on his arm.

The dog had originally helped an officer subdue the suspect, pouncing man as he was arrested in San Diego, California

But the creature then latched on, maintaining its grip even as an officer tried to lift him off.

As the man was pulled around, the disturbing footage was posted to Facebook and shows the victim screaming in pain and shouting “uncomfortable” repeatedly.

As blood appears to drip out of the man’s arm, two officers hold the suspect’s legs while bystanders question the officer’s behaviour.

“You have no control of your dog whatsoever? Are you kidding me?” A member of the public is heard asking in the video.

Another bystander also asks why the three officers are not capable of stopping the animal.

“You guys have three versus one and you can’t get the dog off?”

One of the officers is then heard in the video shouting at those who are watching telling them to “shut up and get back”.

The video has been viewed more than 650,000 times and been shared more than 1,000 times across social media.

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