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PHOTOS: Service Personnel Returns Unearned Salary After He Was Wrongly Paid

A National Service Personnel, Master Fred Duhoe has returned an earned salary which was wrongly paid into his bank account to his employer.

Fred Duhoe who was part of the 2019/2020 service group was paid for the month of October 2020 even though the service year had ended as he was not at post.

According to him, after he received an alert from his bank he decided to return the money because he wanted his conscience to be at peace.

Sadly, Fred indicates that he was broke at that time and the money would have come in handy but he decided to return it.

Read his story below   

I’m not seeking for praise. I want my conscience to be at peace while others can equally learn from it.

Almost reaching Dawa on the Accra-Aflao highway from Volta yesterday, I got an alert from my bank. Checks confirm that I have been paid for the month of October (for no work done).

I thought to myself, “son of man, by the time you reach Accra, all that will be left on you is Gh2.30 but be courageous, prove to yourself that you need money but certainly not one you didn’t work for. Return this money to your ‘workplace and hand it over”. Yes, I did so and even added Gh1 extra.

So this morning I got up, and I returned the money to HR. Yes, I need money to survive but when I get a well-paid job, and I EARN it, I will spend it with Joy. I need to be morally upright to chastise any corrupt person in society.

All I have to sustain me throughout this week is less than Gh42 but man shall not live by bread alone.

NB. officially done with my NSS and looking forward to a better tomorrow.


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