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PHOTOS: Hardcore Evidence That Proves Efia Odo Was The One Being Banged In The Leaked Video

As Ghanain are locked down in their rooms kind courtesy Coronavirus, Kwesi Arthur and Efia Odo have spiced up the atmosphere with their bedroom enjoyment footage.

Although both Kwesi Arthur and Efia Odo have vehemently denied their presence in the viral footage, but don’t be surprised. That is the make-up of Africans especially Ghanaians as lies and deceit are in our blood.

But if it happens like this, trust Kofi Anokye, PhD of to dig deep just to separate the lies from the truth. If you have not watched the video, click here to watch Kwesi Arthur banging Efia Odo as if Coronavirus is over – pun intended!

From the photo below, take a critical look at the hand band of Efia Odo in the grid photos and be honest to yourself for Christ sake.

Efia Odo

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