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P.K. Sarpong Writes: Airbus threw Mahama a curve he least expected some twelve days ago

His loud silence is a testament to the fact that what hit him feels like a volcano that erupts from some deserted mountain far removed from civilization.

It is a widely established fact that John Mahama is a talking cricket since he grabs the microphone to talk at the least opportunity.

To the extent that he continuously does Facebook Live should tell us that indeed this man is not tired of talking.

When flyers were roaming across social media about an NDC energy sector event to be addressed by JM, I thought he was ready to end his self-imposed hibernation.

I was to be disappointed when Mahama failed to make it to the event. I could only shake my head with portentous solemnity.

He is still in his hide-out over the Airbus saga. Airbus is death itself, for nothing can eliminate death. He can flipping well stay there forever, Airbus’ hidden intestines would soon pop out.

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