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Over 100 people in Western Region dragged to court in one week for water theft

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has in the past one week alone hauled over 100 people in the Western Region before court for allegedly engaging in illegal water connections.

The over 100 culprits, according to the company, are only a fraction of such offenders as a multitude of perpetrators face similar fate on daily basis across the country.

The accused persons, if found culpable by the court, may either be fined for the water they have used illegally over the period or face a jail term.

The action taken by GWCL, it says is an integral part of the company’s war against illegal connection and water theft which is a bane to its operations.

Expressing his sentiments over the misconduct in an interview with ABC News, Communications Director of GWCL, Mr Stanley Martey, who made the disclosure, indicated that the phenomenon is gravely affecting the company’s performance and warned the public to desist from same.

He said a task force has been deployed to go after the reprobates, adding that many offenders who are apprehended are regularized while those who fail to cooperate are prosecuted.

“It is not the best, it is affecting operations of the Ghana Water Company Limited and we expect that Ghanaians will be patriotic enough and desist from illegal activities. There are several prosecution ongoing throughout the country and not in Accra alone and there are several people being prosecuted.

“Even in the Western Region alone, as at this week, they had sent over 100 people to court. We have internal lawyers within the regions and they are handling those ones,” Mr Martey stated.

He was quick to add that “there are some people who will cooperate with the Ghana Water Company Limited and then they are fined based on an estimation of their consumption over the period. And if you are prepared to pay, you pay and then your connection will be regularized but the recalcitrant ones are prosecuted.

“People who refuse to pay are handed over for prosecution and we have lawyers who handle that. So if Western Region alone within a short time has over 100 people, how about those who have cooperated and we have worked. So we have several people and this is happening by the day; on daily basis we are arresting people.”

The patriotic thing to do, the company’s spokesperson said, is to “go the Ghana Water Company Limited District Office closest to you and then have your illegal connection that you have regularized. If you do not do that and we come to you, then we will have you prosecuted.”

In order to effectively check water theft and enhance its operations, Mr Martey revealed that GWCL has invested in technology to set up a geographical information systems department where locations of and information on every land property are identified on digital map.

“So on the click of a button on the map, you are able to tell the details of that property; whether they have water connections, whether they are within our system, whether they have registered with us or not.

“So when we are done with that we will be able to identify every property that has water but is not registered with the Ghana Water Company Limited,” he disclosed.


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