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Opambour reveals why curses against Twene Jonas will not work

• Twene Jonas criticized Otumfuo over galamsey activities in the Ashanti Region

• Some chiefs and persons rained curses on him for attacking Otumfuo

• Opambour reckons the curses will not work against Twene Jonas

The General Overseer of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, Rev Opambour Ebenezer Adarkwa has explained why US-based social commentator Twene Jonas will not feel the impact of the curses hurled on him recently.

Twene Jonas took on a thorny issue when he criticized Otumfuo Osei Tutu II for what he perceives to be negligence on his part in the flourishing of galamsey activities in the Ashanti Region.

Twene Jonas noted that the Asantehene had not done enough to stomp out the issue as he has failed to punish his sub-chiefs who deal in the menace.

But speaking on his channel Opambour TV, The Nation’s Prophet enlightened that the curses will not work against Twene Jonas as they do not have the approval or support of Otumfuo.

He explained, the only way Twene Jonas would feel the curses is when Otumfuo himself undertakes the act or sanctions it.

Opambour also advised Twene Jonas to be measured in his criticism of people, stressing that he should not disrespect the elders in his attempt to speak out on the issues in the country.

“The curses will not work. He is cursing on behalf of Otumfuo but unless Otumfuo agrees with him, it won’t work. If it’s Otumfuo who sent him then it will work. Unless Otumfuo sanctions the curse which has not happened, it will not work. He is doing that because of his love for Asanteman and Otumfuo but until the King approves of it, nothing will happen. You can curse the guy with an articulator truck full of eggs, it will not work.

“If someone says something against me and you curse on my behalf without my consent it will not work. No matter how much you love Otumfuo, if he says he has forgiven the guy, the curse will not work. But if Otumfuo curses him right now it will work immediately,” he said.



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