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Opambour Opens Up On How The December 7 Elections Will Be Like

So many prophets in the country have predicted the outcome of the December 7 election. These so called prophets have turned into fortune tellers who are after fame.

Quack prophets have become a big problem to the nation’s development. At every political season, what these fake prophets do is a guesswork with mixture of lies from the devil. Absolutely no one knows the future except our creator.

These fake prophets fail to also predict the margin of the elections. Anyone who claims that they foresee the future is a flat liar.

Sometimes I am tempted to believe that those who predict the statistics of an election is probably part of the corrupt system and know that the elections will be rigged.

Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, popularly called Opambour has also broke silence on the 2020 presidential election which takes place on December 7.

The prophet who calls himself the nation’s prophet has declared that the December 7 presidential election will be very tough and it’s not easy to say who will win with majority votes.

Speaking on his television station, the self acclaimed prophet said that the upcoming election will be very difficult. None of the political parties would get it easy. He also gave a sincere advice to Ghanaians to vote for peace and do away anything that will cause the country any harm.


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