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One Reason Why People Find It So Hard To Succeed – Noble Igwe Reveals

Nigerian blogger and founder of the 360 Group, Noble Igwe has said that people seem not to be going forward or progressing in life because they are not often happy with the success of other people.

For reasons best known to those who engage in it, the success of other people other than themselves is not worth celebrating. People have earned themselves enemies for just being successful, something they have worked tirelessly for.

For Noble Igwe, if you do not celebrate the success of other people, you might just be sitting on your own success as he insinuates that celebrating the success of others is what will open the doors for you, where someone will also celebrate you.

Noble Igwe on twitter wrote; “The major reason you are not moving up is because you are not happy with other people’s success,” he wrote.

There’s really no point envying people who have succeeded in life.

What we must endeavour to do is to see their success as some motivation that will urge us on to also attain the heights they have already attained.

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