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One armed robber gunned down by Policeman during robbery attack in Tema [Watch Video]

Multiple videos flowing on the Ghanaian social media landscape sees the moment a police officer gunned down an armed-robber in Tema.

According to social media comments, the armed-robber who was shot was about to hijack someone in his car.

He crossed the victim’s car with his motor-bike and was about to carry out his robbery.

A police officer who saw the incident intervened. With how armed and dangerous the armed-robber is, he had no choice than to shoot him.

Celebrities Buzz was told that the criminal first shot a bullet at the police which he dodged before he (the Police officer) also countered with multiple shots. One of which killed the robber.

Eyewitnesses could be seen in the viral praising the officer for his courage.

Other police officers were called upon and they came on the scene with the arm-robber lying in cold blood on the ground.



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