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OMG: DKB & Kwadwo Sheldon fights, one is in a ‘critical condition’ -WATCH

Content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon, and Ghanaian comedian, DKB is currently a loggerhead with each other after having an almost ‘bloody’ clash on social media.

The two seem never to be friends even though their primary aim is to entertain Ghanaians and put smiles of their faces.

Their beef started after Kwadwo Sheldon blasted another content creator, Ceyram aka Dr. Ayigbe Borla Bird who frequently criticizes his craft.

Sheldon while replying to a hate tweet from Ceyram aka Dr. Ayigbe Borla Bird wrote; “Rest in Peace to your mum. She couldn’t live long to witness the end of an asshole son.“

That did not go down well with some Ghanaians including DKB.

DKB joined the bash by blasting Kwadwo Sheldon with the tweet;

“Claiming the biggest head when your head is not that big. Claiming the funniest when you are not funny. Claiming “content nyame” when you are rather “nonsense nyame” I wake up with left over bullets to attack, I guess that’s what happens when u keep anger for more than 6yrs!”

He later added;

“We for check our diet o. You shoot skit with mistakes, go to editing bench, edit out & add effects & other details then U think U are better than me standup comedian DKB?. Me who stands on stage to shoot, edit, add effects and render the jokes instant all on my feet, you claim u better than!. Pls Ony3 ✋.”

And also;

“These 2 (DKB and Borla Ray) are the officially successful big heads with handsome faces! Any other claiming big head, is just the frog who hasn’t been kissed by the Princess yet! Bra Aportro? Big head too you want force on yourself, it is bestowed!?‍♂️.”

That did not go down well with Sheldon and their fight started.

“Lol he is a kwasia! 10 years.. everyday “Hey Gbemi Gbemi” he dey shout on stage! Kwasia you dey come talk my matter? He go see make he relax!

Unblock me @dkbghana !! Lol you dey come talk my matter!! Kwasia de time we meet for the program under why you no confront me? Bitch ass niqqa! You were not funny 6yrs ago! You are not funny now! You are just stupid and that’s why OB Amponsah and the likes dey run the game now!

I say if he be man make he unblock me!! Kwasia man like that.. This niqqa dey DM every girl on ig..if dem bounce am den he vex block..aboa say “King of Gh comedy”

You started this comedy thing na some of us sef we be kiddies! You still dey shout “Gbemi Gbemi” for stage.. Over 10 years doing this.. same old shit! You DKB dey come talk some!!
Aboa like you! You dey come talk my matter!”

Some people have already started tagging DKB as the winner with others rallying strongly behind Kwadwo Sheldon as the ultimate best puncher currently.

One of them is surely under a ‘critical condition’ as it stands no.

See Screenshots Below:

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