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Offensive Ewe textbook a leaked version of pending work – Badu Nkansah Publications

The controversial textbooks receiving criticism for their depiction of Ewes have not been approved for use in schools, Badu Nkansah publications have said.

Mr. Mark Osei speaking for Badu Nkansah, the publisher of the ‘History of Ghana’ textbook which has generated an uproar amongst Ghanaians said the text has not been approved by the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA).

Explaining why the textbook got leaked whiles it pending approval in an interview monitored Mr. Mark Osei said after publishing the content of the textbook they print out some for review.

“After everything, we print out copies to people after review before publishing it out so maybe it came out through that and we are digging it out but we apologize for the inconvenience,” he said.

He added that their brand stands for national unity, and they currently employ workers who originate from all parts of the country.

The content of the books sparked criticism on social media from members of the Ewe ethnic group who criticized the stereotypes.

NaCCA has asked Badu Nkansah Publications, to withdraw its book which was noted to feature a song that depicts Ewe identity.


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