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Occupy Ghana suspects ‘massaging’ of COVID-19 figures

Pressure group, OccupyGhana, is suspecting the government of under-reporting  COVID-19 figures including the number of deaths.

“The case count is growing steadily by the day – about 200 to 300 new cases per day. At the last count, we had 7,652 confirmed active cases even though that number could be higher (the total number of confirmed cases is 11,964.),” the group said in a statement.

According to the group, misreporting on COVID-19 has a bearing on the public behavioural response.

“If the public suspects under-reporting etc, there will be a loss of trust in the reporting system and that will have consequences that will influence public behavioural responses”. it warned.

“The reported 54 deaths so far cannot be right. For instance, even though 38 deaths have been reported from the Ashanti Region alone, less than 20 of those deaths are included in the national count!” part of the statement read.

OccupyGhana also expressed concern about the inefficient ambulance system and the delays in COVID-19 test results.

OccupyGhana said, “There’s a complete lack of candour from officialdom on infections. A good case in point is the real possibility that there is an outbreak of COVID-19 among parliamentarians and yet that fact is being hidden and all we get are conflicting statements and behaviour that is not in line with how to deal with this disease”.



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