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Nurse Caught Swapping Dead Baby With A Healthy Baby

A Nurse has been arrested after been caught while trying to swap a woman’s dead baby with another patient healthy baby.

Accreditation to reports online, on Thursday 12th of march 2020 it was was reported that a woman who has allegedly given birth to a baby girl and after severals complications the baby died and thats the first time the woman will put to bed after several complications.

It was gathered that after the woman knew about her baby been dead, she had a conversation with the nurse about how her husband is going to send her packing about the dead of her baby.

However, the nurse was pitiful and render to help by getting her baby swapped with another woman’s baby who just delivered a baby boy around that time and the woman with dead baby plan to give a N2m if she can do that successfully for her.

Immediately she plan executing her plan she asked a hand of her fellow nurse and she yielded to her plan Unknowing she just wanted to play along with the nurse.

The doctor who was away from the hospital at that time was called immediately by the second nurse and briefed about their plan.

He reoortedly called the police and they were caught after they changed the baby already.

The woman and the 2 other nurses are now in police custody for further interrogations.


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