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Nurse Busted For Allegedly Duping Others Through Her Fake Online Business

Lydia Addo, a Ghanaian nurse, was ultimately busted for running a phony online business and defrauding people.

According to the information provided by Iqra Show, after receiving several reports from misled consumers who had lost large sums of money in an attempt to transact business with her.

The nurse, according to the Iqra Show, is using fictitious names to defraud people who come to her for business or to buy something from her.

She is said to have many Mobile Money (MoMo) accounts under various names, which she urges people to send money through after placing an order with her.

The nurse’s real name is Lydia Addo, according to the Iqra Show on Facebook, but she trades under the identities Mma Abubakar, Rukaya Alhassan, Muslima Group, and Pre-order with Franklina.





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