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NSS personnel in Atebubu cry over 4 months’ unpaid allowances

Some National Service Personnel in the Bono East Region are crying over their unpaid allowances due them by the secretariat.

The affected NSS personnel, numbering about 30 and mostly in Atebubu, claim they haven’t received their monthly stipend since February 2020.

According to the personnel, they completed Atebubu College of Education last year, 2019, and started their service in January this year.

After receiving their monthly allowance of GHC559 in January 2020, they have till this day not received any money from the secretariat.

One of the affected personnel, Osborn Choice, who spoke to ABC News said they’ve trouped to the regional office in Sunyani on countless occasions but the issued has not been resolved.

He disclosed that “We lodged a complaint at the municipal office, the coordinator told us it was a problem from the regional so he will contact them and see what the outcome will be. So from there, the following month we had the same problem, we went back to him and the same old story. He tells us that he has been calling the regional office and talking to them and they’ve also told him to forward our details to them again. We did that about three to four times but to no avail.”

According to Osborn Choice, the coordinator created a WhatsApp group for the affected members and told them to contribute GHC10 each for him to speak to the regional director himself over their unpaid allowances.

“Last month, he came and created a WhatsApp group for those not receiving our allowance, we’re about 30 from the teacher training side. So after creating the group he told us that the purpose of creating the group is to discuss the way forward and also contribute 10 cedis for him to go to regional office in Sunyani to meet the regional director himself. So some of us were against the contribution,” he said.

Speaking to the President of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), Alhassan Mohammed Shuaib, affirmed the report that some personnel have not been paid.

According to him, the regional director told him those who haven’t received their allowances have issues with their e-zwich numbers. Mr. Shuaib, however, cast doubts over the regional director’s claims questioning how the affected personnel were able to receive their January stipends if they had problems with their e-zwich numbers since the funds were disbursed to the same numbers in previous months.

The NASPA President further revealed that aside those in Atebubu complaining of unpaid allowances, some personnel in other regions across the country have also not been paid their allowances since September of 2019.

One other person by name Prince Kontonkii in an interaction with ABC News said all efforts to get access to their unpaid stipends have proved futile although their details have been submitted to the secretariat.

According to him, he called to enquire if he indeed had issues with his e-zwich number as had been suggested by authorities but he was told there was nothing wrong with his number.

“I personally called the e-zwich office and the requested for my number. I gave it to them and the lady said NSS didn’t submit our names for payment so we should contact NSS.”

Moreover, some personnel in Kintampo North and South have also not received their allowances for four months now.

Information available to ABC News suggests their allowances have not been paid since February. A check on their portals show that their funds are “processing”.

ABC News tried reaching out to the coordinator in the Atebubu Municipal office to comment on the issue but several calls and messages put through to his contact are yet to be responded to.

Also, the Public Relations Officer of NSS, Armstrong Esaah, who spoke off record said investigations will be carried out to ascertain why the affected persons are going through this particular challenge. He is of the view that the incidents are isolated cases, and not the norm across the country as some personnel sought to suggest.


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