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NPP and NDC will collapse your business – Kwaku Oteng told

Speaking on Oman Channel’s Pae Mu Ka at the back of the suspension of outspoken journalist, Captain Smart by the CEO for allegedly maligning the President, his Vice and other government officials, Nana Hoahi said Dr Kwaku Oteng stands to lose a lot by suspending his employee.

Hoahi further questioned the authenticity of allegations that the government in exerting pressure on the CEO to take action against his employee used the Ghana Revenue Authority to force him into suspending Captain Smart who is known for speaking against mismanagement and inefficiencies on the part of government.

“What I see from the angle Captain is explaining things from shows that Kwaku Oteng may not be paying his taxes. Why does it have to take the GRA writing to you for you to suspend your employee? Did government open your stations and other companies for you? It is not the NPP or NDC who established your companies for you. If it is not about your personal interest and you business was established for the good of the country and creating employment, it shouldn’t take the GRA exerting pressure on you for you to suspend your employee.

Even if Captain Smart had spoken against government, it should not take the GRA coming after you before you act. If that is the case, we can say he is not paying taxes. If he is not very careful the NPP and NDC will collapse his business and later accuse him of inefficiency. But let us ask ourselves, how many NPP or NDC officials have been able to establish business for Ghanaians to gain employment if not for private citizens?” he stated.

Captain Smart speaking in an interview a few hours after his 30-day suspension revealed that among other things, his boss received threats from the corridors of government over his constant criticism of the government.

He further revealed that the GRA was used as a conduit for exerting pressure on his CEO who owns several businesses in the country including his Angle Broadcasting conglomerate.

Watch Hoahi speak on Pae Mu Ka below:


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