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Norway, US are not better than Ghana, their citizens only pay taxes – Saaka Salia

Member of the communications team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Saaka Salia has said countries like Norway and the United State of America are not better than Ghana; however, what makes them different was the fact that citizens pay taxes used for their development activities.

Mr Salia was speaking on Pan African TV’s Good Morning Africa on Tuesday, January 4 monitored by

He explained, Ghana like many African countries are made up of people who despite the idea of taxes but same people want development from the government.

The NPP communicator questioned how development will be possible without citizens contributions through taxes.

Mr Salia noted corruption accusations among other allegations made against the government were all ploys adopted by some Ghanaians in order to invade taxes and nothing else.

And people don’t like paying tax and they are the very people who will want government to do their bidding and I have always say that you put your money where your mouth is. You cannot be shouting everyday that be prosecuting developmental agenda, do our roads for us, do ABCD, pay our school fees, pay our NABCO trainees do A and B and when government ask that you also do your responsibility as a citizen that you that you say noo noo, we will go on demonstration, we won’t pay”.

“You won’t pay? And you want development to continue? So it cut across the globe especially Africa I don’t think that the likes of Norway, US and other places are better than Ghana but it is because their citizens pay taxes and they use the taxes prudently to manage their own affairs. Now when people want to evade or to run away from tax then they will go and hid behind oh I mean, they don’t use the money well when money is paid people use it, corruption and all that,” Saaka Salia said.

 Cameroon tax citizens 0.02% momo tax ahead of Ghana’s 1.75% – Saaka react

He made the comment while contributing to discussions on a 0.2% mobile money tax introduced by the Cameroonian government and the agitations that has greeted the introduction.

Mr Salia said the agitations were normal with the introduction of all taxes and Ghana is not an exception.

The Cameroonian government report sighted by said has introduce some 0.20% on mobile money transactions applicable to transfers and withdrawals.

The tax similar to the one sought by the Ghanaian government to introduce took effect from Saturday, January 1,  2022 and sparked agitations across the length and breath of the country, social media most especially.

“Dear valued client, in the application of the Finance Law, starting 01 January 2022, a 0.20 tax is applied to transfers and withdrawals. Thanks for your understanding,” a text message from a mobile network operator communicating the news reads.


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