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Nobody truly recovers from Covid-19 -Nurse claims

An American nurse with the Twitter name Cherie Antoinette has said that in her eight years in the medical profession, coronavirus “is the worst disease” she has come across.

She said that whenever they tell patients they have recovered, they do not inform them of the health complications they may battle with in the future as a result of the disease.

Cherie hinted that health issues that may happen after could be a lung transplant, massive heart attack, or stroke.

The nurse said that another possible issue they do not tell recovered patients is that they may have to depend on oxygen to live the rest of their life.

Life-saving coronavirus drug has been found

She said the virus was “designed to kill” as it’s a highly intelligent disease that attacks everything it goes for.

Cherie added that there may be no resources to combat the disease “if we don’t continue to flatten the curve”.


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