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No where in the constitution are MPs considered development agents – ‘Lawyer’ Abronye

Bono regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and law student Kwame Baffoe known popularly as Abronye DC has said his reading of the 1992 constitution of Ghana doesn’t show Members of Parliament as development agents.


Abronye noted that there is the perception that Members of Parliament are agents of development; a perception he says people of Ghana should discard because government is the agent of development and if MPs are always opposing its policies, how then does the country enjoy development.

Kwame Baffoe was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM indicated that it’s high time citizens of Ghana focus on bringing people who will back development in the country and throw out persons who go into the house because of their salaries and allowances.

“In the 1992 constitution, there is nowhere that states that MPs are development agents. Article 93 says MPs make laws and approve government policies to bring development to the people.

So any Member of Parliament who will oppose policies of the government is denying the people who voted them into power the needed development. The person is not working against the government but rather the people who voted him into power.”

He continued “MPs who oppose government’s policies and programmes but always draw their salaries of GHC 30,000 and also take allowances from committee levels are selfish people who need to be shown the exit. The people should boot them out”.



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