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NDC may take Ghana on ‘high speed reverse gear’ if it wins power – Ayine fears

Deputy Communication Director for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East region Johnson Ayine has pleaded with his party officials to stay united and work towards transforming Ghana’s fortunes.

He believes that unity coupled with hard work is the recipe for the party to hold on to power for three terms.

Johnson Ayine noted that since the NPP came back to power in 2017, Ghana has seen a massive face-lift in its development; an indication that Ghana’s success lies in the bossom of the New Patriotic Party and therefore relinquishing it will mean leaving the country to suffer in the hands a visionless National Democratic Congress.

“We can’t afford to disappoint the country and its people if we lose the next election for our rivals to come and destroy the gains made so far as they did after the NPP president Kufour’s administration had moved Ghana to a lower middle income status (country) from a HIPC country.

Evidence is president Mahama’s admission in his 2013 State of the Nation Address, where he said ‘the meat had been eaten down to the bones’, please let’s work together as one in unity of purpose as I believe we can to change the party narratives in our beloved region. NPP, the party that moves Ghana forward! NPP we are Best Developers,” he stated.

On the selection of an MMCEs for the various Districts in the region, Johnson Ayine indicated that it’s imperative that any decision taken by the party will be taken in good faith so that they can join hands in making the region a better place to be.

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