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Nathalie Yamb, the much hyped sidechic of Rawlings breaks silence after his funeral

Swiss-Cameroon political activist Nathalie Yamb has paid her last respect to late former of Ghana Rawlings.

The alleged sidechick of Rawlings who calls herself his soul mate was in Ghana to grace the funeral.

She traveled all the way to Ghana to bid a befitting farewell to her soul mate, her mentor and everything.

This is what she had to say about the longest serving Ghanaian head of state with a post on her Instagram page;

Thank you to the State, the Armed Forces, the Family and the People of Ghana for giving Jerry the send off he deserved. He was larger than life. May he rest in power and watch over us as we keep his legacy alive: the sacralisation of justice, freedom, accountability and patriotism, and the fight to desanctify power and send it back to where it really belongs: to the people. If we want to teach African children about leadership, then we only need to show them the picture and tell them the story of Jeremiah John Rawlings.”


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