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LISTEN TO LEAK AUDIO: Nana Romeo caught on tape asking a young lady to sleep with him before giving her a loan

Accra FM radio presenter, Nana Romeo has been caught on a recorded tape allegedly asking a lady for sex before he can give her a loan that she asked for.

In the audio, Romeo was heard saying that he has been toasting the lady for long but she has refused to agree to his advances and now she’s asking for loan so what does he expect him to do?

Romeo then said as the lady knows, life is now hard for every one so before he can give out the loan, the lady must warm his bed.

The audio didn’t specify if the lady agreed to his terms and conditions or not.

Do listen to it below:

My opinion

It’s true that life these days is hard and nothing at all should be given for free. Obviously, the lady after taking this money may not payback.

I don’t have the right to judge people but it’s wrong for Nana Romeo to ask the lady for sex before helping her.

If he thinks things are hard for him and for that matter, he cannot help the lady, he could have just told her straight-forward that he’s not in any capacity to help her instead of asking the lady to sell her body for sex.

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