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Nana is fixing your ‘ony3’ – Joy FM journalist flares up against #NanaIsFixingIt campaigners

Sports Journalist with the Multimedia Group, Gary Al-Smith has hit back at Twitter Soldiers of the country defending the President and his government.

Just after #fixthecountry entered the trends on all social media platforms, there has been counter trends just to make the government look good.

But that has been met with the contempt it deserves from the people of Ghana who are fed up with the system that ensures that the poor continues to be poor.

On of such individuals is Gary Al-Smith who has been complaining about how the country is in mess and needs to be tackled head on by those who have been put in places of authority.

In a post drumming home hos frustration in the system, he said “After spending most of yesterday telling us #FixYourSelf and #FixYourAttitude, they’ve noticed that isn’t a good response.So it is now #NanaIsFixingIt and #GhanaIsBeingFixed.I want to say ‘Nana is fixing onyɛ’ but it’s too early in the morning. Just #FixTheCountry because you’ve got the power”.

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