NAM1 Holds A Minute Silence For Menzgold Customers Who Have Passed Away At Press Conference


Boss of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 addressed the nation in a press conference few minutes ago where he answered a couple of important questions that are on the lips of everyone since the Menzgold brouhaha set in.

He was bombarded with questions from journalists from the various media houses and the nice composure and eloquence with which he answered the questions impressed me a lot.

A minute silence was observed for Menzgold customers who have passed away as a result of the ‘pressure’ which came with the debacle.

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NAM1 humbly asked for a minute silence when his attention was drawn to this fact by one Menzgold investor who identified himself as the president of all Menzgold customers.

Moreover the business mogul stated categorically that his company is never a ponzi scheme but a profit making business enterprise which suits both artistes, the customers and the operators.

He said they dealt in Collectible gold which they trade on behalf of the customers and make money as profit or benefits. He said people with no knowledge how they operated threw dust into the public eyes by coming up with that term; ponzi scheme.

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