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My mother should be last to die out of witchcraft accusation

The son of the late 90-year old Akua Denteh who suffered lynching for being accused of witchcraft in her community has appealed to the entire citizenry and the authorities to let his mother’s death be the last person to suffer such a cruel fate in the country.

Mr Dominic Mahama expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the forum TV3, the Sanneh Institute and the participants of the forum held at the Executive Theatre of TV3.

He also thanked the security forces for arresting the culprits involved in the brutal lynching of Madam Akua Denteh.

When speaking at the forum for his late mother Akua Denteh, he appealed to the authorities and the Ghanaian civil society by saying “I am appealing to the government, the media, the stakeholders, civil society and everybody that this canker, this barbaric issue should be a thing of the past, our mother should be the last”.



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