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‘My client got his words from God’ – Adawudu defends ‘apostle’ Kwabena Owusu

A self-proclaimed apostle, Kwabena Owusu Adjei, charged after threatening the president got his words from God, his lawyer has told the Accra Circuit court.

‘My Lord, the man of God spoke his mind as God had suggested’ he said of the 56-year old accused person who is facing three charges, including possession of illegal drugs.

Victor Adawudu made this point in a spirited defence for bail for his client.

In the viral video, Kwabena Owusu Adjei threatened the chairperson of the Electoral Commission with death if she tries to go ahead with the new voter registration exercise.

The rant included a lot of invectives as the visibly charged man worked up a fit of rage. For the president, he suggested Nana Akufo-Addo would be overthrown.

Mr Adjei has pleaded not guilty to all three charges; threats of death, offensive conduct conducive to the breach of peace and possession of narcotic drugs. monitored bail proceedings from court Tuesday.

Victor Adawudu made references to the Bible and branded the accused as a type of Ezekiel the prophet who saw strange visions.

The lawyer’s assertion was greeted with murmuring from the courtroom.

But more noteworthy was the accused, who was standing in the docket, looked up briefly nodding his head to his lawyer’s defence.

He was dressed in his blue, red and white striped shirt and his hand were behind his back.

Lawyer Victor Adawudu continued, “the prosecution themselves, in their facts, has said he is the General Overseer of the Ezekiel Ministry. The man of God from all indications clearly spoke the mind of God”.

“He was directed by the prophecy he received from God and he was simply prophesying what he saw from the realm,” he told the judge, Emmanuel Essandoh.

Assisting in the defence, legal practitioner, Francis Xavier Sosu said granting Kwabena Adjei bail enhances the country’s commitment to democratic values and freedoms.

He noted that their client had been in police custody for more than 10 days and ought to be given as partial freedoms.

He subsequently prayed the accused to be granted bail.

Adawudu also said the accused had a permanent place of abode and has made donations to his community over the past four years.

Counsel prayed the court to grant his client bail because the accused person was ‘a good man with a pure heart’.

The prosecution opposed the defence counsel’s plea for bail.

“We don’t have any interests in keeping the accused in our custody. Our mandate is to safeguard the interests of the community. Above all, he has no place of abode but resides in somebody’s container,” they argued.

The prosecution statement was met with a sharp rebuttal from the defence counsel, insisting that the prosecution should stick to the facts as presented to the court.

Having listened to both positions, the circuit court judge Emmanuel Essandoh granted Kwabena Owusu Adjei bail set at GHc100,000 with three sureties.

“We all have one Ghana and the majority voted for the leadership of this country…with the court being an arbiter of justice and also considering those who claim they know him, he will be granted GHc100,000 bail with three sureties,” he ordered.

The case was subsequently adjourned to June 21, 2020.


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