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Must Read! Ghana Is Not In Good Times.

The YOUTHS of Ghana should ignore POLITICS (both NDC/NPP), boycott ELECTIONS and find some jobs to do.
After your University education without completing the Teacher or NURSING training colleges (even with a better certificate), Ghc3,000,4,000,5,000,6,000 and beyond should be paid to someone somewhere before securing an employment into a government or a public institution.

After campaigning up and down, fighting for these politicians to win power, you will never land into any job you are looking forward for, why should you continue following them in the next elections?
Don’t you think as a human being?

That is why they take you for a fool.
So with all the monies our leadership borrow from Europe, Asia, America and some of the African countries, they can’t use such MONIES in building companies for their crying/suffering YOUTHS within the 4years or 8years?
What kind of minds/brains do they use in managing the affairs of the country?

If all is well with the country Ghana, the complains wouldn’t be as we see.
So how does the Europeans, Americas and the Asians rule their countries for we Ghanaians to be rushing them for Greener pastures?



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