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Muslims declare 2nd serious, high-level ‘jihad’ on Twene Jonas over his new reply

Some Muslims in Ghana have declared the highest level of jihad against video blogger Twene Jonas over his attacks on their Holy Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) in one of his videos.


Twene Jonas who was earlier placed on the wanted list of Muslims for speaking against their Holy Prophet Mohammed has now been declared non-grata by a section of the Muslim community who have vowed to deal with him anywhere and evertwhere on earth they encounter him.

An earlier flier on social media shows Twene Jonas in a wanted post and going to be punished by the Muslims community across the world.


However after his reply, the ante has been upped with another big jihad put on his head.

Twene Jonas has recently come under attack for using foul language against persons in authority in Ghana.




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