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More than 30 houses, 10 motorbikes, food barns, others burnt to ashes in fresh Chieftaincy clashes

More than thirty houses and numerous properties running into tens of thousands of Ghana cedis have been burnt down in a renewed Chieftaincy clash between two Chieftaincy factions in Yong Dakpem Yili in the Tamale metropolis.

The clashes occurred over the decision to hold a funeral by one faction allegedly without authority. Earlier, there were clashes when demonstrators marching in support of one Fuseini Chimsi, who has been selected as the chief of Yong Dakpem yili was quelled by police following an intervention of the Tamale Dakpema.

The Dakpema declared Fuseini Chimsi as the wrongful heir to the throne.

Yong Dakpema was due to return a customary magic tail to Tamale Dakpema so a different person could be selected at the Bugulana’s palace.

The latest incident adds to the trouble over the selection of the rightful heir to the throne. Police have since taken over the community to ensure calm with no arrests made so far.



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