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Mind-Blowing List Of Properties Owned By Eugene Arhin In Just 4 Years As Nana Addo’s C.D; 32 Apartments, Houses, Cars Etc. | Photos

The tall list of assets of Eugene Arhin, a Ghanaian politician, a member of the New Patriotic Party and the current Director of communications for the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo pop up in the divorce documents filed by by his wife, Gloria Assan Arhin over adultery and unreasonable behaviour including physical abuse.

In her statement of writthe marriage hit the rocks shortly after Mr Arhin’s appointment as Director of Communications at the Office of the President despite them having had three children since 2012.

The writ said Mr Arhin has on several occasions informed his lawfully wedded wife that he is no longer interested in marriage, having even moved out of their residence.

According to Mrs Arhin, the “unreasonable behaviour” by Mr Arhin involves him abusing her “both physically and verbally at the slightest opportunity for over a year now”.

She also indicated that the adultery involves one Chantel Kudjawu and he “has a child of about a year old with another woman”.

In the documents of her request for divorce, the tall list of the properties owned by the presidential staffer within 4 years was unveiled.

The list of movable and immovable properties listed by the lady has got many Ghanaians talking as many didn’t ‘expect’ him to own such properties.

Although many netizens are astounded by his properties, other defended him that he had his bread before moving into politics but his movable properties were registered between 2017 to 2019.

In awe of the case of Eugene Arhin the times at which the cars were purchased were within a span of 3 years.

Below are some of the list:


a. A five (5) bedroom residential property (which was intended to be the matrimonial home of the parties situated on a two (2) plot of land lying at East-Legon in Accra.

b. A four storey building comprising of sixteen (16) separate flats/apartments situated on a parcel of land at Bubiashie in Accra which land was acquired from a family friend of the Petitioner.

C. An ongoing storey building comprising of sixteen (16) separate 1lats/apartments situate at Tuba-Weija in Accra.

d. A Storey building comprising of apartments erected on a parcel of land situated at Teshie in Accra.

e. A residential property situated at AU village at La in Accra.

f. A residential building situate at Senya Breku in the Central Region wherc the Respondent comes from.

g. A water front residential property/resort situate at Ada Poah
in the Greater Accra region.

h. 3k Barbering shop at Teshie.


a. One Ford F150 vehicle

b. Toyota Avalon vehicle with registration number GR 7108 -18

C. Toyota Lexus vehicle with registration number GE 4646-18

d. Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number GE 7108-18

e. Hyundai Elantra vehicle with registration number GE 4646-19

Below are the full list of properties owned by Eugene Arhin:

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