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McDan’s alleged thugs vandalize Radio station, assault staff for exposing ‘dubious’ salt monopoly

A group of 10 masked men allegedly acting on behalf of local Chiefs and McDan’s Songhor Salt project in which the entrepreneur is enjoying a 15-year monopoly have attacked a local radio station for exposing the deal.

On Thursday morning, the heavily built macho men who were all masked attacked Radio Ada, a non-profit community radio station at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra Region to destroy the properties of the station.

The thugs warned there will be more violence on the station if they do not stop their anti-McDan salt Radio broadcast.

The Songhor enclave in the Ada West District has recently seen renewed clashes after the Songor lagoon was leased to McDan on  a 15 year monopoly to mine salt.

The details of this McDan contract have been particularly unsettling to the people of Ada because unlike the past when Vacuum Salt Ltd was given 5000 hectares out of 75,000 hectares, the Akufo-Addo government has given McDan the whole 75 000 for on a 15-year monopoly over the whole lagoon.

Some natives of the area who believe their Chiefs have been bribe continue to be against tmElectrochem Ghana Limited taking over the Ada Salt Basin, under McDan Group.

The local radio station has been giving voice to those criticisms of Electrochem owned by McDan.

Earlier, some chief of Ada who should ideally be interested in the welfare of their people warned the station to stop their broadcasts on a project led by McDan or Daniel Mckorley.

The ‘McDan’ thugs stormed the radio station at 11:30 am on 13 January 2022 to destroy all property in sight while beating up journalists.

An earlier report by CMG outlet said they manhandled one staff called Ajawutor Korle and forced their way into the live studio by breaking down the door.

They then ransacked the studio, dismantled the consul and fled before the police could get there to effect their arrest.

Some of them went on-air, dragged Korle Ajawutor out of the studio and scattered the consul and the computers and started beating Korle Ajawutor and they took pictures of all that was happening with their iPad but did not allow us to go out”, he recounted.

They went into our recording studio and met another staff and asked him to kneel down and also asked some two guests to kneel down. They were having a Guinness bottle and something like a pistol and they warned me to tell Noah never to report anything concerning Songhor otherwise the worse form of what happened today will happen the next time”.



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